GMAT Information

Information about GMAT

GMAT consists of 4 sections:

  1. Verbal (Reading Comprehension – text and questions, Critical Reasoning – analyzing arguments, Sentence Correction – correcting sentences);
  2. Quantitative (Problem Solving questions – multiple choice questions with 1 answer and Data Sufficiency – analyzing two statements and assessing their level of sufficiency);
  3. AWA (Analytical Writing Assessment) (1 Argument task);
  4. Integrated Reasoning (answering logical, True/False and numerical questions).

Total score (200-800) is created as a result of Verbal and Quantitative scores.

Quantitative section consists of 31 questions (62 minutes), Verbal section consists of 36 questions (65 minutes). Both of these sections are compulsory.

Writing and IR sections are not compulsory; you should take them if your university/school requires so. Writing consists of 1 section (1 essay – 30 minutes), and Integrated Reasoning consists of several questions.

GMAT Registration Process

You first need to take a GMAT Placement test – Click here

Secondly, contact the office (info@academstar.com, Academstar page or +99450 7880488) and get your results (within 1 working day).

Thirdly, choose the suitable timetables for each section and inform the reception. They will add you to classes.

GMAT Timetable

GMAT Verbal 1 – Reading and Critical Reasoning Class Timetable

Time Availability
Saturday 10:30 amavailable
Saturday 12:30 pmavailable
Saturday 06:30 am available
Thursday 08:30 pm available
Tuesday 10:00 amfull
Tuesday 7:00 pmfull

GMAT Verbal 2 – Sentence Correction Timetable

Tuesday 8:00 pmavailable
Thursday 8:00 pmfull
Saturday 12:30 pmfull

GMAT Math Timetable

Wednesday 7:00 pmavailable
Wednesday 8:30 pmavailable
Thursday 10:00 am available
Thursday 04:00 pm available
Thursday 8:30 pm available
Saturday 1:30 pm available
Saturday 3:00 pmfull
Saturday 8:00 pmfull
Sunday 12:30 pmfull
Sunday 2:00 pmfull

GMAT Masterclass (Compulsory for all students)

Wednesday 9:00 pmavailable
Friday 6:30 pmfull

GMAT Writing and Integrated Reasoning Timetable

Monday 8:00 pmupon request

GMAT Study Plan (for our students)

Soon here