Study Abroad Packages

Service typePricingExplanation
All-in package1950 AZNVisa service include
Research, documents, applications (up to 8), motivation letters, recommendation letters, academic works (up to 2), visa application and accommodation
Step-by-step package (up to 5 applications)650-1550 AZNVisa service do not include
650 AZN – 5 applications
400 AZN – if admitted to at least one university
200 AZN – if you get a partial scholarship, 500 AZN – if you get a full scholarship.
5 applications1350 AZNVisa service do not include
Research, documents control, application, motivation letter, and recommendation letters(2)
Canada package (study permit + open work permit)1500 AZNVisa service include
Research, documents control, application (3 applications), motivation letter, and recommendation letters(2), application for a visa, and open work permit for a spouse.
3 applications 900 AZNVisa service do not include
Research, documents control, application, motivation letter, and recommendation letters(2)
Unique package (up to 8 applications)850 AZNVisa service do not include
Research, documents control, application,  and motivation letters.
Only for 25 students – GPA 91+, IELTS 7.0+.
Last-year package (up to 3 application)600 AZNVisa service do not include
Applicants who were not successful during the last year can use this package. Research, documents, and motivation letter are included.
Motivation letter80-300 AZN80 AZN – short (up to 400 words, standard), 150 AZN – 400-700 words, 300 AZN – long motivation letters with questions.
Reference letter20 AZN1 letter – 20 AZN
Scholarship essay100-300 AZN100 AZN – short essay
160 AZN – up to 800 words
200 AZN – long essays
ConsultancyFree-20 AZN10-to-15-minute free consultancy.
Longer consultancy – 20 AZN
Consultancy with deep research – 50 AZN
Visa service250 AZNVisa documentation, communication with the embassy, interview preparation
Visa mentorship100 AZNReviewing documents and supporting the application, helping with the visa  interview
Study abroad mentorship150 AZNReviewing documents, assisting in an application, and answering a student’s questions.


  1. A client gets information and meets with our team and has a three-day period to sign a contract (due to limited applications) and choose a service type. If you apply on 15 November, you have time by 18 November (including 18 November) to sign a contract or at least inform us that you want to sign a contract (maximum within 3 days).
  2. A client is given some period of time (7-10 days) to submit documents and 21 days to pay for the price of the pacakge (at least 40 % of the service) and 2 months to pay for the full price (or the remaining part). If a student pays a full package within 14 days, he/she gets a 10 % discount. Motivation letter payments (in Unlimited packages) are paid when applications start.
  3. Our specialists start deep research and discusses the programs. Within the 14-day period, the application and document check processes start.
  4. A client is informed about updates as soon as some changes happen. Clients are also able to monitor the process in their own portals.
  5. Remember that this is the price for our service and does not guarantee that you will get a full scholarship. For the purpose of guarantees, you should choose the Step-by-Step package.