Listening tips for MC questions

Listening Part 2 Multiple choice important strategies:

1. Read all questions carefully. Understand the order.

2. If answers are short – you can read them and underline key words.

– For example: A) they were busy     (busy – key word to be underlined)

3. If answers are long – choose the key words

For example: A) the research was too impractical for this method  (too impractical, research)

4. Analyze the key phrases in questions and answers:

Such words as – still, first, important,key, too, absolutely, highly, impossible, yet, vital, not – strong / emotional words or words which show the importance or first, second, third etc.

5. Be careful: there are two main ways by using which Cambridge IELTS may confuse you:

1. They will first mention the correct answer and discuss why other ways are incorrect.

2. They will show other answers and discuss why they are incorrect and then turn to the right answer.

The right answer is ALWAYS PARAPHRASED, the wrong answers are mentioned as they are in order to confuse you!

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