10 GRE Words every week – List 2

1. augustImpressive, grand/grandioseAugust buildings
2. gloriousDeserving / bringing victoryGlorious victory of brave soldiers
3. exaltedOf high rank, position/ superiorExalted position of this woman
4. solemnSeriousA solemn expression grew on his face.
5. dilapidatedRamshackle, almost destroyed, battered (used a lot)Old houses are often dilapidated.
6. miniatureSmall, pocket-sized, midgetA miniature version of his car.
7. flamboyantBeing confident, showy and attract attentionFlamboyant and temperamental actors are respected.
8. poiseA calm and confident manner of controlling one`s behaviouractions full of maturity and poise.
9. aplombDoing something confidently (in difficult situations), composureHe solved the problem with remarkable aplomb. To lose / keep aplomb/composure
10. equanimityAplomb, poiseShe did this task with equanimity.