Overview in IELTS Writing Task 1

We all know that IELTS Writing Task 1 has no conclusions, but there is an overview that summarizes the key points in the given task. Overviews can be written together with the Introduction, after the Introduction paragraph or after body paragraphs. They should not include details such as numbers and years; they just summarise main points. Overview paragraph needs to be short and clear.

What can you see from this chart?

Pay attention to increases/decreases, significant changes, similarities and differences.

Here we can see three main points:

  1. Japan has the highest figure;
  2. The most significant change happened in Italy;
  3. Three countries saw a drop and only Italy`s figure increased.

How can we write the overview for this report?

Overall, while the percentage of elderly population in Japan was the highest one in the beginning, Italy led the table during the last year. Only the latter country saw an upward tendency within this 10-year period.

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